Abderahmen CHERIF


I am Abderahmen Cherif, a young artist who started theatre in the Theatrical Troup of Chebba and cinema in the club FTCA of Chebba.I graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art in Tunis in 2019. I have taught in elementary schools theatre games, role playing, storytelling and speaking in groups, I have also conducted workshops in dramatic writing, clown and play acting to adolescents in community cultural centers. I have performed as an actor on stage and in television films. I have done my personal project “ Clown at home” in my apartment located in Halfaouine, a low working class neighborhood giving a theatrical experience to people who would never think of buying a ticket to go to theatre. This project was the subject of news report of “Telefza Tv”. In 2020 I made the short stop motion movie “Be Mole Be More” sponsored by the Kamel Lazaar Foundation.  I just finished " Storyless...Blead" and my second stop motion movie " Plastyghost". Now I am working on Blead Project II " Blead In Prison" and " The Televsion's Lady" . 

Tunis, Tunisie


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15 Impasse du sabre , Bab Souika, 1006 Tunis

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[email protected]


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Theatre is the place from where one observes another one in action, therefore observation is one of the essential elements of the theatrical craft. Being of a very observing nature I started doing theatre searching to compose my observations into dramatic forms focusing especially on physical actions.

While verbal language is the principal method of human communication, I have chosen in my first production to work in a dimensional expression that goes beyond words, to the dream world where the imaginative and emotional expressions release. Bringing back theatre to his roots, that is a living experience of emotions. For that, I created Blead the Clown.

With this character I navigate with mixed identities, code-switching, investing the impulses in a vocal expression devoid of linguistic codes, in other words: Gibberish.

In a very spontaneous way I let impulses appear as vocalized sounds, as gestures or as facial expressions to communicate to the clown within the spectators and establish a live dialogue and cultural exchange without boundaries. I use a very original language that is common to the child in us all.

I englobe the spectators in a dream world through my gestures and manipulation of objects.

I use the power of moving images that communicate our current issues and use gestures as a valuable meeting point.

There are voluntary voids in the composition of the scenes. They are holes for the spectators to fill with their personal images, emotions, sentiments and so on. In this way they actively participate in the theatrical experience. 

The composition is made to have different levels of perception so that each spectator completes the puzzle we propose with the storyline enrooted in them.

My innovative artistic practice that addresses important issues within their local context go against the main current of our conservative society and it’s institutions.

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